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Questions & Answers

People are often hesitant about having a reading because they don’t know what to do, especially if it‘s their first time. Following are the most often asked questions. It is hoped that by understanding what to expect it will make your reading experience a happy and fruitful one:


Q. Is there anything I have to do when having a reading?


A. No. All you are required to do it sit there and listen to your psychic. However, if your psychic asks you a question it is a good idea to answer it, as he or she may be seeking necessary information needed to help in moving on to an important issue.


Q. Why should my psychic ask me anything? After all, they’re supposed to be psychic.


A. Sometimes the psychic is missing vital information, and it is in your interest to supply that information in order to save time.


Q. Can I ask questions?


A. Definitely yes. It is your reading. You have paid for it. You are entitled to ask whatever you wish.


Q. Will the psychic tell me anything bad?


A. Sometimes your psychic will "see" things in the future that are bad. For example, they might foresee a car accident. In this instance your reader will advise you to "take special precautions when driving." This way your psychic is helping you to avoid the accident.


Q. How can I be certain I have chosen a good psychic?


A. Not all psychics are good, which is why you are better off to see a psychic who works at the Australian Psychic Expo, as they have had to pass stringent tests in order to have been accepted as a member of the psychic team. All the psychics at the Australian Psychic Expo are highly experienced professional psychics.


Q. Will a psychic tell me when I am going to die?


A. No.


Q. Can my husband/wife/partner sit in on the reading with me?


A. It depends. Some psychics find it distracting (they pick up vibrations from all parties present), other psychics don’t mind. It is best to check with Konnie when booking your reading.


Q. How do I know which psychic to select? They all look okay to me. How will I make the right decision?


A. There is no hard and fast rule. Some people like to read about the psychics (written information can be found on the Psychics’ display stand next to the Reading Coordinator). Some people prefer to just go by "feel" when looking at photographs of the psychics, whilst others will just ask Konnie who she thinks they should see. Konnie is an expert at pairing the client with the psychic most likely to suit his/her particular needs.

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