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Below are many of our regular psychics. To learn which psychics are appearing at an expo near you please see our Facebook page. Look for ausexpo or click here: 

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Josiane is one of this Expo’s most loved and trusted psychics, having been with us for over 18 years, which is testament to her amazing psychic ability and extreme accuracy. A psychic with over 35 years’ experience, Josiane has established herself as one of this country’s finest. She is also a numerologist and clairaudient, which is the ability to "hear" things outside the range of normal perception. She is also able to interpret dreams. In addition, Josiane’s ability in helping you to discover what lies in store for you in the future will leave you absolutely amazed! Josiane is a warm and loving woman who gives her all to each and every client. You will love your reading with this highly talented and most compassionate psychic.


Since 2012 Indy, who was born in new Zealand, has developed the skills that are innate in her that she could no longer ignore. She possesses the ability to tap into the layers of your energy field. Using YOU as her guide, she can pinpoint areas in your life to reveal the secrets that hold you back, whether it's a blockage in your body or thought processes, a Message from Beyond or Dream Interpretation. Indy loves to assist with healing guidance and wisdom through channelling Spirit. Indy Swan is an exciting new member of The Australian Psychic Expo team. We know you will derive great value from a reading with this most talented psychic. 

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With Jodie you get to choose whether to have your palm read, throw the Runes, have a Tarot consultation or a combination of all three. She has been reading for over 30 years. Jodie connects with your higher self, revealing future aspects of your destiny, relationships, love, career, finance, family, health and spirituality. Through Jodie’s psychic skills and access to the Akashic records she has an abundance of knowledge and solutions to help you reach true happiness. Jodie teaches Tarot and Rune reading, and also does chakra balancing, emotional healing and subconscious programming. You will very much enjoy your insightful, uplifting and light filled reading with Jodie. All questions will be answered accurately.

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Susie is one of Australia’s most versatile and highly skilled psychics, and as a result finds herself in enormous demand. Whilst she is multi-talented, her specialty is palmistry. Your hands tell you about your character and what is in store for you. What kind of job you are suited to, will you marry and what to look for in a partner, How many children you will have. These questions and more can all be answered with a palm reading. Susie has been reading for over 30 years, and is therefore highly experienced. Her exceptional skills are highly sought after wherever she travels. In recent years Susie has been sharing her gifts by conducting classes to full houses whenever time permits. There is no doubt you’ll be thrilled and amazed by this talented lady’s reading. 



Regina has been reading professionally Australia-wide for over 30 years - for much of this time she has been with The Australian Psychic Expo - and has also extensively travelled the world facilitating personal development workshops. However she inevitably returns to her beloved Australia, a country she dearly loves. Her readings are extremely concise and  unambiguous. She says: “I’m trained to give you accuracy and clarity in your life in order to enhance your relationships and aid you in avoiding or learning to cope with stress.”  Regina is also the ideal reader to see if you require guidance in your business and career.   



In a world full of twists and turns, Sarah has battled many demons in order to find her soul's purpose and path in this life. As it turns out this is to help others find their way through the twists and turns of their own lives. Sarah uses her wonderful psychic gifts to gently guide and mentor other gorgeous souls, while connecting them with their own spiritual guides. It is her never ending mission to help others find their own soul purpose, life path and personal power. To do this she uses a mix of past life, psychic and mediumship readings, using cards, tea leaves, a crystal ball, and dream interpretation. If you seek personal growth through gentle and maternal guidance a reading with Sarah will greatly benefit you.

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Dahl-Elizabeth, a descendant of Romany gypsies, is a highly experienced and much-loved psychic with over 25 years’  experience, who has followed her spiritual path since she was very young. She has worked in this field both in Australia and overseas. Her readings consist of a combination of clairvoyance and clairaudience (the ability to hear voices or sounds beyond the normal range of hearing, including  messages from spirit guides). During your session with Dahl-Elizabeth she will include some or all of the following reading methods:  Palmistry, Pendulum, Psychometry, Tarot. Your reading with Dahl-Elizabeth will reveal your past, present and your future.


Originally from Rhodesia, Margaret Briggs is a specialist in Mediumship, with an uncanny ability to accurately channel messages from loved ones who have passed over. This is a most healing experience for those who are grieving. In addition, she is also a clairvoyant with over 40 years' experience crystal reader. She is extremely multi-talented, thus enabling you to select whatever type of reading/s you would like to have. Note: If you would like a flower reading you are advised to bring a small flower with you. Margaret’s readings offer a unique experience, and one you’ll remember always. The Australian Psychic Expo is extremely fortunate to have such a versatile psychic on its team.


With over 30 years’ experience – with six of those years working with The Australian Psychic Expo - Jeanette Jordan is a multi-talented psychic whose readings are in huge demand owing to her high accuracy rating and her genuine love and compassion for her many clients. Her readings are extremely healing, often life-changing. If you wonder what the next 12 to 24 months have in store for you, whether it’s about your family, relationships, work or your health or the health of a loved one, Jeanette will accurately and compassionately show you the way.



Suizy is a Medical Intuitive/Medical Clairvoyant, a talent unique to very few psychics.  In fact, in the United States many general practitioners call on Medical Intuitives for a second opinion. In addition, Suizy has a remarkable connection with the spirit world, and as a result is able to clearly and concisely pass messages on to you from those loved ones who have gone over to the Other Side. She also practices Psychometry, and by simply holding a photograph or a piece of jewellery she is able to pick up an enormous amount of information to pass on to you from those who have gone before. Suizy’s popularity around Australia is testament to her remarkable psychic abilities. A reading with Suizy is not only highly informative, but a very healing and enjoyable experience.



Eliane Barben has been reading with The Australian Psychic Expo for over 10 years and is a most loved and popular psychic. She is a “natural psychic”, having been reading since she was a small child. Her gift of sensitivity, her empathetic nature and her accuracy are assets that her clients most comment on. She possesses a wonderful ability to read you; both your future, and that which is presently happening in your life. Eliane loves her work, and that is most evident because her readings are filled with love, compassion and a genuine desire to improve the lives of those for whom she is reading. In addition, Eliane is an international published author, having written How I Learnt and Healed Through Spirituality and The Gifts We Are Given. Currently she is working on her next book, and is very much looking forward to helping many more people by sharing her knowledge. She has conducted workshops worldwide, but these days prefers to just work  in Australia.


Izzy Walton, originally from the Pacific from a line of Healers and Shamans. Her work focuses on Intuitive Human Design and Destiny Cards. A reading involves getting down to the core of who you are to allow more flow and synchronocity into your life. Human design shows you your energy blueprint so you can focus on areas in your life to heal, combined with Destiny Cards to forecast and guide you thru any upcoming bumpy celestial weather. These two systems can give you practical tools to deal with the stresses of modern day living. Izzy is passionate to help people grow and develop, heal wounds and thrive in your life.

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Lily lives in Cloncurry in Queensland’s North-West, and has been aware of her psychic gifts and abilities as an intuitive healer and empath (able to feel what others feel) from a very young age and has used these gifts to provide guidance to those seeking a connection to their loved ones and pets that have passed over, or are looking for guidance as to what the future holds. Lily does simple psychic intuitive readings, thus ensuring that her clients fully understand the messages coming through. She also is able to read your aura, in addition to using angel cards, crystals and essential oils to provide you with the messages meant for you to bring confirmation, closure, healing and guidance.


Mother of two children, Nikita Uren is a well-travelled intuitive, empath, medium and spiritual healer who in recent times has been reading for clients in New Zealand and Victoria, and is frequently invited to read for guests at the Coral Sea Resort on Queensland’s Whitsundays. Nikita is a ‘generational’ psychic whose psychic talent she inherited from her great grandmother, whose spirit remains with her as she performs her readings.  Nikita is a very talented psychic and a highly  valued member of the Australian  Psychic Expo’s team of psychics.



Darwin resident Karen Andrews-Roberts has been doing readings and healings, and teaching meditation & psychic development classes since 1997  She is a very warm and intuitive empath, who loves to bring an abundance of love and light to each reading. Karen is passionate about using her beautiful psychic abilities to empower and awaken women to live as their most beautiful, lightfilled selves, in deep connection to their soul essence and their own intuition. She receives past, present and future information  that enables women to joyfully heal and transform their lives in mind, body and spirit. Karen is shown blockages in the physical body, chakras and aura and has the ability to see and remove entity attachments. She uses psychometry and draws on Angel cards during readings also. Karen is a qualified Holistic Counsellor, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Meditation teacher and EFT Tapping practitioner.



With over 30 years’ experience, Darwin resident Halyna is a well-respected and much loved psychic throughout Australia’s eastern States. For many years Halyna has taught spiritual art and psychic development, in addition to offering her services as a counsellor when required. Her talents also extend to offering assistance with your spiritual health and wellbeing. Her tarot card readings are much sought after, as are her spiritual art drawings, which she will do for you upon request. The Australian Psychic Expo management is thrilled to once again have this very talented psychic back on the team.



Brisbane resident Karmanie Humphrey has been reading since she was very young. She is without doubt an extremely versatile and multi-talented psychic. Looking through the reviews on Karmanie’s Facebook page is proof positive that this lady is extremely good at what she does. Alice wrote: “Thank u so much u r amazing everything was spot on. Xo thank u.”  Maryanne’’s review states: "Had a great reading done today. Karmanie was great.” Gail was equally as generous with her praise: “Karmanie was spot on 100 percent.” Karmanie is without doubt a highly experienced psychic with a reputation for extreme accuracy.