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AuraStar Photography

An AuraStar Photograph is produced by a bio-feedback imaging system which scans the energy of the hand. This information passes to a computer system which creates colours around a person's image on professional instant film. The subject of the aura photo sits in front of a dark background to create the contrast for the colours to be most clearly visible on the photograph. As with any photograph you are looking at a reversed image of yourself, therefore your right-hand side appears on the photo's left-hand side and vice versa.


Right Side: The colour on your right side (the photo’s left side) is traditionally the energy being expressed. It is what you are putting out to the world.

Centre: The colour over your head is what you experience for yourself. It’s the colour that would best describe you at present.

Left Side: The colour on your left side (the photo’s right side) is normally the vibration coming into your life. The closer it is to you the sooner it may be felt.


RED Vital, Powerful, Sexual, Passionate, Leading, Excitable, Challenge, New Beginnings ORANGE Ambitious, Expressive, Dynamic Creative, Managerial, Bright New Concepts YELLOW Cheerful, Intellectual, Humorous, Intelligent, Logical, Sociable New Abilities GREEN Healing, Teaching, Nurturing, Balanced, Responsible, harmonious BLUE Calming, Loyal, Sensitive, Trustworthy, Communicative, Great Spiritual Growth VIOLET Magical, Charming, Spiritual, Psychic, Mystical, Private, Deep Personal Growth WHITE Open-Minded, Inspiring, Unifying, Humanitarian, Holistic, Developing Intuition.

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