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Book below for a reading with CASSANDRA EASON (UK) in Toowoomba. A reading with this top UK psychic, author, TV and radio personality is $185.00 per hour.  For more information phone Konnie:

0409 499 782

or visit our Facebook page. Search for ausexpo




323 Ruthven Street

Fri Jan 24 to Wed Feb 5, 2020

To book your reading with

Cassandra Eason in TOOWOOMBA 

Fri Jan 24 to Wed Feb 5, 2020


Cassandra Eason, one of the United Kingdom’s most respected and loved psychics, is a bestselling author of 140 books, and a broadcaster on the paranormal. Her books have been translated into 13 different languages. She has appeared many times on television and radio, such as Sky News, ITV’s Strange But True, BBC 1’s Heaven and Earth and Richard & Judy, on NBC and Paramount. She had her own weekly mini series Sixth Sense on UK cable television for many years. More recently she worked as the dream analyst for Britain's Big Brother for three series.

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Among Cassandra's bestselling titles are: A Spell A Day, 1001 Spells, Everyday Psychic Defense, The New Crystal Bible, The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals, A Complete Guide to Fairies and Magical Beings, The Complete Guide to Psychic Development, The Complete Crystal Bible, The Art of the Pendulum, A Practical Guide to Witchcraft and Magickal Spells, The Complete Crystal Handbook, Magic and Ancient Wisdom, The Modern Day Druidess, Every Woman a Witch, Scrying the Secrets of the Future, Encyclopaedia of Magic and Ancient Wisdom, Encyclopaedia of Women’s Wisdom, Mammoth Book of Ancient Wisdom, Complete Guide to Divination. In addition, Cassandra has recently written a series of bestselling instructional books entitled the "Little Bit of" series, which includes A Little Bit of Palmistry, A Little Bit of Tarot, A Little Bit of Runes, A Little Bit of Auras and A Little Bit of Wicca. 

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More recently Cassandra has been spending a few months each year travelling with The Australian Psychic Expo, whilst at the same time writing numerous books on subjects dear to her heart, namely magic and spellcraft. During her time in Australia she has developed a deep love of Australian indigenous culture, and very much enjoys interacting with our indigenous brothers and sisters during her frequent trips to the Northern Territory. 

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