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How to arrange your reading

There is no need to book your reader in advance. Our system works like this: As you enter the Expo you will see a large freestanding display board, on which appears photographs and written information about each psychic. For example, the type of reading each one does - tarot, palmistry, past lives etc. You then select your psychic and book her/him with Konnie who is sitting at the booking desk. If you are experiencing difficulty selecting your psychic then you are invited to ask for Konnie's advice. Konnie will help you select the psychic who can best cater to your individual needs. Sometimes you may have a short wait, other times you will get to see your psychic straight away.

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During your reading be "open". There is nothing to be gained by trying to deceive your psychic by removing your wedding ring or changing your name. This will merely serve to confuse your psychic, and could render the reading a thorough waste of time. Open yourself up to your reader and you will find your reading will be a rewarding and highly beneficial experience.


Finally, use your reading as a valuable source of advice and guidance, not as a crutch. You are still in control - you have the final say as to the direction your life will take. The psychics are there to assist you - not to run your life for you. God willing, may your life be positive and joyful throughout.

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