Australian Psychic Expo COVID Plan

Date of preparation of COVID Plan: July 8, 2020

The Australian Psychic Expo operates under Stage 3 Business Restrictions as stated on the Queensland Government's COVID19 website at www.covid19.qld.gov.au

All expo participants are informed of their responsibilities in relation to COVID19 prior to the commencement of each of our events.


All clairvoyants and exhibitors have been informed that our events are to involve no physical contact whatsoever and that they are at all times to comply with the social distancing rules. Regular handwashing and/or hand sanitising will be required throughout each trading day.

Alcohol-based sanitiser and paper towels will be available at all entry points, as well as in a central position within the expo hall. All clairvoyants must wash and/or sanitise their hands after seeing each client. Frequently touched areas will be cleaned/sanitised throughout each working day at least once every two hours. Expo management will pay particular attention to compliance of all participants in relation to this.


Large signs will be placed at the entry points informing attendees that the expo can facilitate a maximum of 50 people at one time (including expo participants). Signage will be placed at all entry points stating that we are a COVID-Safe business, and that social distancing is mandatory. Where patrons are waiting to book a reading floor markings are placed 1.5 metres apart. Waiting areas have seating placed 1.5 metres between each chair.


A visitors' book is placed at the front desk and all attendees are required to write their name, address, phone number and time of arrival in the book prior to gaining entry. Upon leaving the expo they will be asked to write their departure time in the book.


No sharing of equipment or tools is permitted.


All bathrooms are to be cleaned and sanitised at regular intervals throughout the day.


Our Expo Manager Konnie Gold is fully aware as to what is required in maintaining the highest possible health standards throughout the duration of our events. In addition, periodical group meetings of all participants will takes place in order to remind them of their responsibilities in relation to hygiene and social distancing.

All expo participants are informed prior to the commencement of all expos that in the event they are feeling unwell they must immediately leave the premises and seek medical attention straight away. Signage is placed at all entry points informing visitors that if they are feeling unwell they are not to enter the expo hall, but are to seek immediate medical attention as soon as possible.



In addition to The Australian Psychic Expo's COVID Plan above, all venues in which we stage our events also have a COVID Plan to which expo participants will be required to adhere. Venue COVID Plans can be seen throughout their common areas.


John Gold

General Manager


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